Khalid - Skyline lyrics • LYRICZ

Lyrics of Skyline by Khalid

Khalid - Skyline lyrics • LYRICZ
Singer Khalid
Album Skyline

All lights
All on you
City lights
Fall on you
It’s a beautiful world
We’re so high
I’m with you
I’m with you
It’s such a beautiful world

It’s like I’m living my dream
Feels like we’re on LSD

It’s a Wednesday night
And we’re running out of time
Won’t you take my hand
Hop into my skyline
It’s only just a rebuild
But I swear it feels real
When you take my hand
In my passenger side

Leave it all
In our rear view
As we pass the finish line
It’s just us
Yes it’s you and I
Racing under the green light
Lately I feel so alive

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